Save $30 and…

Turn Your Smartphone into a Blood Glucose Monitor

With the Dario™ All-in-One Glucose Meter you turn your smartphone into your blood glucose meter!

Perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle!

Dario is designed with you in mind. It is simple to use and has a compact design, which changes the landscape of how a traditional blood glucose meter works.

We’ve integrated the lancing device, the meter and the strips into a pocket-sized, all-in-one device which is perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. The Dario all-in-one device, along with our FREE app lets you check blood glucose levels in seconds, quickly and accurately, directly on your smartphone.

Lots of Canadians, just like you, have already made the switch – we think you’ll love it, too. And to sweeten the deal, for a limited time, get $30 off the Dario™ All-in-One Glucose Meter, with the purchase of a Dario™ meter and 1 box of Dario™ test strips!

How do I get this?

To get started, simply click the “Print Now” button below, print the coupon and take it to your local pharmacy. Offer is available in stores only.

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Dario is available in all pharmacies across Canada, including these major pharmacy chains:

This offer is subject to terms. For more details, please refer to the terms stated on the coupon.