Clinical Studies


Automated Real-Time Data Collection For Diabetes Related Clinical Studies

Dario automatically logs, collects and uploads patient data to a secure cloud database for diabetes related Clinical Studies. Provides a real time automated processing tool that eliminates human error, reduces costs and saves precious time thus expediting time-to-market.


Control Monitor Analyze

The Dario Real-Time Trial Data Capture System

Enables accurate data and unprecedented patient compliance with an easy, fast and cost saving solution.

Highest Data Reliability

  • Minimizes manual logging of information
  • Enhances compliance through the integrated meter + smart phone platform

Increased Patient Compliance 

  • Patients simply extend their usual daily diabetes routine
  • Patients prompt for study’s actions on their mobile phone
  • Clinical trial administrators are alerted to status of patient compliance in real-time

Expedited Time to Market

  • Dario instantly uploads all patient data to a secure, centralized cloud-based database
  • Eliminates days and potentially weeks between trial phases

Cost Saving

  • Dario is intuitive for patients and it’s Automated Real-Time Data Collection saves valuable resources by minimizing manual input of data by caregivers and trial administrators
  • Adds no additional hardware cost as patients simply use the Dario Personalized Smart Meter and data is uploaded to a secure cloud, requiring no special equipment for patients, caregivers or researchers
DLP-0060 RevA 08/2019